12 Worst Logos that Make You Laugh

A logo Design reflect the value of business, but some worst Logos has funny appearance. Today I collected 12 worst Logos that will surely make you laugh. No, this post is not to hurt the actual designers of the logos, but it is for people who want to be a logo designer and how to prevent worst logo Designs. Have a look at 12 Worst Logos that Make You Laugh


worst logos 1

You might think what this pharmacy company doing behind the scene?


worst logos 2

I thought its I Love CUM, isn’t it? But hey its LOCUM lol πŸ˜›


worst logos 3

This logo is for KIDS EXCHANGE, but if I read it fast, its sound something KID-SEX-CHANGE. Ahhh! what a worst Logo it is.


worst logos 5

Logo for Dental clinic, but its showing some thing different, did you get it?


worst logos 6

A-style, definitely this style is awesome, :p


worst logos 7

Yes I can see the character of dance, but on the other side, isn’t its a woman’s body with b**bs, Hope you got it?


worst logos 9

We make computer work for you, I think they are better in something else than computer.


worst logos 10

A logo for a restaurant but I can see something else clearly πŸ™‚


worst logo

Is the sun rising behind the japanese tea house, or something is pricked?


worst logos 12

Yeah, they are satan :/


Logo for Fresh High speed Train, TGV stands for Train Γ  grande vitesse, but when you look at the logo up side down, then its visualize a snail and rest is you know.


funny logos

The Logo is designed for Office of Government Commerce (OGC). But when you see it in different angle, its showing what they really won’t.

So these were the 12 Worst Logos, I hope they make you laugh. Which is the most funniest/worst logo? Do share your views. Thanks for visiting πŸ™‚