How to Win Digitalpoint Designing contests

Are you on Digitalpoint forum from a long time, and never win a single designing contest, well I am here to share some tips on “How to Win Digitalpoint Designing contests“. There are many spammers are there in Digitalpoint, where they don’t pay for your work or they shut the contest without any notification, So, beware of those scammy guys.

Here I am going to share some of my tips, to win Digitalpoint designing contest. Usually I hate designing contest, but for others, I tried and researched Digitalpoint Designing contest.

win digitalforum contest

You cannot win a single contest, If you don’t have quality design. The first and the mandatory thing you need is to provide quality design. What if your designs are good with respect of other participant and still you didn’t win? Yes this happened with me many times, but I am unable to figure out the problem with me, then I started researching and then finally found my problem.

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Now How You can Win?

Read client’s description carefully:

What client do is, they wrote 3-4 lines description which is hard to know the exact demand of clients, in this case read the description 4-5 times and think what really he/she wants, else ask once again. If you get what clients need is, then most probably chances are higher to win the contest.

Don’t post your design in public:

For the very first time, I posted my design on the thread which is visible for others, after 10 minutes, I saw my design with some modification. Hell, the designer copied my concept. So, what you can do, is submit your entry via Personal message (PM), You have to check the guideline for PM. Some contest holder doesn’t allow to submit your entries via PM, In that case, I don’t participate at all.

Give them more:

Once you submit your entry, you will get some positive as well as negative feedback, try to fix the problem and provide more than what the client asked. For example, if the client need some changes in fonts, better provide him more concepts with different fonts. What happen with this is, the client give more attention on your submission and the chances are again that you can win.

Fast turn-around:

Mostly the contests are needed urgently, if you unable to provide the design as soon as the client need, then I am sure you will not win. What I do for fast turnaround is, I submit the design, move away from my PC for refreshment and I open my mobile browser and check Email notifications after every 15 minute or so. In this way, I never late for the submission.

Describe your design:

Yes, your design is good, but the client doesn’t know about that. So, its your duty to describe your design. Some time the designer can accept your design after understanding your design. So, this is again a great way to increase your chances to win the contest.

These are the tips, I used to win designing contest on Digitalpoint. Hope you will like it and you will  follow these tips. Thanks for reading 🙂


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