Top 5 Web designing tools for a website designer

Designing a website, making it most advanced and user friendly requires best web designing tools. Finding new apps that can make your website creative, its always better to dig into some of the best tools.Many Web design companies rely on these tool everyday to develop awesome websites.

web designing tools

Here we will discuss what makes each one of these apps different and special from one another. It gives an idea which web designing tool will suit your requirement for website. Designers and developers always look out for something that gives their website an optimal viewing experience on all devices.

Web designing tools for a website designer

1. Bootstrap – It’s the solution for most common, day to day interface tasks that developers come through. Being sleek and powerful front end framework, web development becomes easier.
With dozens of components, styles and java script plugins , bootstrap has 12 column responsive grid system. With bootstrap website popularity is certainly going to boost.
Bootstrap has tons of tools and generators for customizing website. With Boostraptor, you can have much more option for templates then bootstrap alone has. For themes; bootstrap has brag themes, giving options on wide variety of themes to choose from.

2. Adaptive Images -Intended for responsive designing, it detects the visitors screen size and automatically creates device appropriate screen image. For websites which are increasingly viewed on smaller screen size and with lower bandwidth, adaptive images fixes the issue of slower loading of images, on the other hand helping viewers with faster loading and viewing website.
Adaptive images offers many features like customization option, setting breakpoints to match CSS, also it does not require any markup changes, and is very much device agnostic.

3. Pixel Dropr – A Photoshop plugin allowing designers to create or illustrate icons, photos and buttons. These elements can be easily dragged and dropped to any PSD file.
The main concept used on Pixel Dropr is to group some UI elements like buttons and reuse them by sharing multiple times in documents. It requires Photoshop CS5 and above.

4. FitText – Makes font sizes flexible, auto update of fonts happen as the width of the element wrapping it changes. A scalable and non-broken layout can be achieved with FitText. A jQuery plugin that fine tunes text fonts, working perfectly with lettering.js or any CSS3. With FitText, min and max sizes can be set, helping in building a good layout for website.
It’s a great tool for maintaining a consistent look for website, preventing large texts from wrapping to next line. Fixtext is a perfect choice if developing website for many platforms.

5. Wirefy -A tool built on content first is best for those designers and developers who want their website to be viewed for their content and description. With knowledge of HTML and CSS anybody can start working on wireframes. Functional wireframes help in better communication with clients, so that importance of content is intact.
With 16 column base grid and 960 grid system, its syntax is easy and fits all browsers. And with Responsiveslide.js a basic slideshow with wonderful user experience can be created. The gallery class can help in setting client logos and thumbnails with equal weight and height easily and efficiently

Hope you liked our post. Do let us know what web designing tools are you using as a web designer to make your work faster and easier.