5 Ways to Promote Your Services Online #5 is Unbeatable


As a designer, I always experiment with marketing methods to promote my Logo design services, Well I am no more concentrating Freelancing jobs anymore as I am more busy with my team on my Logo design from MashinMedia. If you don’t know about MashinMedia, then here is a short review. MashinMedia is a logo and Graphic Design firm started by me and my partner Nikita. We have worked with some big corporates for their design work. We also worked with startups, bloggers, small business owners etc From the past 2 Years, I am experimenting different types of Marketing methods to promote my Services. Well the ways I am going to provide you is not limited to designing services. You can use these methods for any type of service you provide, however there may still some will work and others don’t

I will start with Adwords as its the most effective and cheap to promote your service, but a little extra information on how to use adwords and what I did to get extra benefits from Google Adwords

Read these tips and try to experiment with each and everyone and stick to 3 or 4 methods which works best for you. Why I am not telling to use only one because you never know when it stopped working for you, so a general rule you should also have some other sources to promote your services online

Let’s get started with Adwords

1. Adwords

Adwords is the most effective and cheap advertising method, the best part is you will pay only for the clicks you receive. Another great advantages is you will also get Adwords coupons while you signup to try their service. Basically $50 to $75 adwords coupon.

Some Points to Remember When Starting with Adwords

  1. Before you jump to adwords make sure you website is 100% ready and up to sell your products or services, I would like to throw this tips and tricks to get started with adwords , read the article carefully and write down in a note of what you are going to do with your adwords.
  2. Make sure your start with one or two country and had done with keyword research. If you don;t know how to choose the best keywords for your adwords read this article from searchenginepeople by Adrian Key Maximizing Your Keyword Research For AdWords
  3. Always target long tail buyers keyword so that you can target the right audience, You may not wants to burn your money on no converting visitors

These are the points to remember while you get started with adwords and don’t forget to check out the two articles I given above to get a better idea what to do or what not

2. BuySellAds

Many people complaint that BuySellAds is not effective to generate leads because banners are always ignored by the visitors. But they are wrong, with right type of ads and website niche, you can generate lots of leads in less amount. I never recommend to go for a monthly basis ad banner. You don’t know what works or what will burn the money. Below I am going to provide a simple solution to test Buysellads powered websites by spending less amount

BuySellAds has very nice system which you can use to maximize your banner advertising. There are two options that I love the most. The first one is Impression based payment and the other is testing your banner CTR. BuySellAds is great way to test your banner CTR too, You can easily test 2 or more banners at the same time from the same website and ad placement

#1. When you select any website for your banner, make sure to choose only those website which are enabled the Per K impression payment option below is the example

buysellads per k impression

When you are the cart, remember to choose the less impressions so that we can test the banner. Here is how you can do

BuySellAds CartThe next feature of BuySellAds which I like is to test the banners. Make sure to at least upload 3 banners and test the CTR and conversion. Always use Analytics URL builder to track the clicks

3. Bing Ads

Bing ads is under rated, but the myth was broken when I test Bing ads. No doubt, you will get less impression as compared to Adwords, but the conversion is far better than Adwords. I recommend to test bing ads also to promote you Service Online. There is a great article where Brain has written why You should Consider Bing ads over adwords

Bing Ads are similar to Adwords, you must be familiar with Bing if you already tried adwords. Don’t wait try bing ads and let me know your experience

4. Forums

Next is Forums, You might think that its an old saturated method. But believe me Forums are best places to promote you services

Whenever We think of Forums, we immediately think of Spamming, but NO!, there are some good ways to promote your service on forum. The Best Forums are


DigitalPoint Forum

V7n Forum

These three are the perfect places to promote your services. They cost around $40 to $100 but the result is awesome. When I tried Warriorforum and digital point I came to know that Digitalpoint works better for Web design and graphic design offer in comparison with the warriorforum. That may be not the case with every services, you need to check which works best for you. I recommend you to start V7n forum first and then jump to either Digitalpoint forum or Warriorforum

5. Craiglist

Another Cool way to promote your service and the best part is its Free. Yes craiglist is free to use. However we are going to use it in a different way to get leads. Read below

  • First visit Craiglist.org
  • Select the city in which you want to target, In my case I am selecting Albany New York
  • Then Go to Gigs and select your category

Craiglist gigs

  • Then get the RSS feed link from the bottom, check below

Craiglist Rss

  • Then the magic starts, Visit IFTTT
  • Sign Up for a new account


  • When you successfully Created your accounts, its time to create a new Recipe
  • Click on Create
  • Choose Craiglist

craiglist recipe

  • Now add the Feed URL of gigs which mentioned earlier

step 2

Rss link

  • Now time to setup Email, click on “That” and select Email


  • Configure your Email


Leave this as it is and click on Create Action

create action

  • Click one more time on “Create recipe”

Final step

And you are done, Now let me explain you how this works. Whenever someone post a gig on that category, you will immediately get an Email from IFTTT including the body text and the reply to email link. All you need to reply them as soon as you received the Email. In this way, you can get at least 20 to 30 Emails and probably 2-3 Conversion. Its all about how you talk with them

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