6 Ways to Lose Your Designing Client The Easy Way


We always try not to Lose our clients, but today I thought to share how to lose clients. May be or may not be, it will work for sometime, when we get some annoying clients and don’t want to say NO in a straight way. You can also get an idea from this article that what not to do for losing designing clients.

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Do you think your client is running with a tense to get the work done on time as they told you through the email? Or they are trying to call you but you are out of service? Well might be NO, they are same like you. Seating in Pajamas in front of the computer and thinking what to do now. Well leave it. It’s just a boring piece.

Let me share some of the points to Lose our designing clients easily.

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#1. Increase Your charges too high so that they can’t afford

The easiest way is to increase your charges and it should not match your personality. Well you will never Pay $1000 to a designer who designs Logos in $5, isn’t it? Anyway, your client will get immediate reaction, Ahhh! are you trying to fool me? Well, its better to go with some one who is really worth $1000.

#2. Don’t provide the Project files till they call you at least 20-30 Times

If you are failed to provide the Project files they will surely withdraw the Project as soon as possible. Never Pick up the call till your Cell Phone  Log shows 30 Missed call. And then when you will receive 31st call and you will hear the voice of your client “Please Stop the project, I hired some one else. Enjoy Your Day”

#3. Limit your Working Hours  [4 PM to 6 PM]

You are freelancer and your client didn’t expect any Limited working hours of yours. But you should, Put a nice line at the bottom of your Email. Working Hours 4 Pm to 6 Pm only. And you will receive the reply as Kindly withdraw the project Please.

#4. Be over smart in your field

Always disagree what your client says and put your opinion in front of them, moreover that doesn’t make any sense. If your are working with a new client, you probably making them to cancel the project.

#5. Charge hidden fees that is not eligible

Hidden fees are what that nobody expect and when it comes to Freelancing no one is ready to pay your hidden charges. Are you willing to be a bad company that ask for extra charges? Well yes, you should if you want to lose your client. And hey you never charged any hidden charges earlier.

#6. Tell them you are busy right now

Ok its fair to say that you are busy to some of your friend, but it really hurts when your client hear that. No matter how busy you are, every freelancer need to respond their client whenever it needs to be. And if you say this to your client you are ready to lose him/her right away.

So there are some of the easy to way to lose your client, I know there’s lot more but these are the enough ways to lose your client. But I love to hear some more ways to lose your client if you have one.


The basic idea to write this article is to let you know that you should stop doing such practice if you don’t want to lose your client. Every client is foundation for our freelancing service. If you do these simple yet deadly mistakes your are going to lose your client right away and be ready to face some horrible feedback from the client.

I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for visiting 🙂 cheers!

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