Turn your Text or Design into 3D

As we promised to write a tutorial on Making 3D text or designs on our Facebook Fanpage. So Here I am back with the tutorial on How to Turn your Text or Design into 3D. Well the tutorial is making use of an Photoshop action from Vandelaydesign.

So let me start the tutorial without wasting your time. First you need to download the Magic 3D Photoshop Action. Download it from here.

After download the Action file, extract it on your Hard disk. You can see four files,

  1. Demonstration.psd
  2. Glow.PNG
  3. Magic 3d.atn
  4. Magic 3D.jpg

What we will be used are, Magic 3d.atn and Glow.png

#1. Ok so open Photoshop, and write any text which you want to make 3d. I am using MashDesigning Logo

#2. Ok so, its time to apply action, go to window>Actions alternatively Hit ALT+F9. Now load the action, once you loaded it you will see the Magic 3D and 3 actions in Magic 3D, they are For Shape, For Text and for Layers. Choose the action according to your object, I am choosing Layers as my Logo is layered.

#3. Now hit on play button, immediately a pop-up will appear, then you have to open the glow.png from the Magic 3D folder from where you extracted the downloaded zip file.

create 3d text

#4. After hitting the open button, the action will do some process and then will stop for changing the direction of the text. And you have to change the direction by keep Pressing ctrl+ALT and using the bottom corners path and then Hit enter. Something like this:

#5. Once again you hit Enter, the action will Keep processing and will stop to add gloss effect what you have to do is. Select the gloss, right click and choose Warp and move the gloss accordingly. See the screenshot below:

#6. After you done, again hit Enter and at last, you will see the 2 glow objects, simply put them where you want to like. And you will get the awesome 3D look.

Have a look some of my works from this action.

if you are facing any problem, please feel free to ask me using the comment section. Hope you will like the tutorial. Please share it with your friends. Thanks for visiting


    • Ifham khan