7 Responses to “What actually a Text Based Logo?”
  1. Jakes says:

    You have a right point there. It’s good that startups and other small business go for attractive logo designs.

  2. Tushar says:

    I understand what you mean but you’re confusing between Branding, Marketing and a Concept itself. If a business ain’t know how to publicize a logo/identity then it will not matter whether it is a text logo or a symbol.

    And top of everything – there is something called an Appeal. If any visual is not appealing then it’s not worth it.

    People often misread the text based logo as made from the available FONT. But, no body understands the importance of customizing a font to create a custom font.

    • Ifham khan says:

      You are right Tushar, customizing a font to create a custom font, by customizing the font it mean some what typography. At the same time if you make something creative, it doesn’t need to be publicize.

  3. Text based logos are also known as Wordmarks

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