Speed up Photoshop CS5 in Just 5 Minutes

It was too frustrating when my Photoshop hanged out in between working on a serious or urgent project. I tried many tips to speed up Photoshop CS5 which is running on my PC from almost 4 years. And now I didn’t realized what happen with it. It started crashing in between. I immediately move to google and put the term “Speed up Photoshop CS5” and the result goes on. But after trying almost 20 to 30 tricks and tweak, I found only 3 to 4 tweaks are working nice for speeding up my Photoshop. So, here what they are.

Note: Before jumping in Photoshop preference, it is advised to close all the running Applications to set up everything smoothly

Ok so let us jump to Photoshop Cs5 Preference to performance. You can go there by clicking  Edit>preference>Performance or by ctrl+k and then click on Performance.

#1. Setting the Memory Usage

As I am below 4 GB ram so it would be nice to keep memory usage to 75%, if you have more than 4GB RAM, better keep it to 40%-50% or even 30%.

speed up photoshop cs5

#2. Set Scratch Disk

You Probably using multiple Hard drives, (if no then better ignore this tweak and move to the next) you can use those dives as scratch disk. I have total 4 Disk including the system Disk. I Set only C:/ (System) and D:/ (Logical) disks as Scratch Disks.

#3. Set Cache Level

I keep my History level to 20, cache levels to 1, and changed cache tile size from 132k to 1024k.

These 3 tweaks make a huge change in the performance of my photoshop cs5 extended.

Additional Tweaks to Speed up Photoshop CS5

Go to Edit>Preferences>File Handling and change Image previews to Never Save.

Close all Apps while working on Photoshop.

This is my sweet tips on Speeding up Photoshop CS5, but I know there’s a lot more, what you do to increase the speed of Photoshop? please share with us via comment box. Hope this article surely helps you to speed up Photoshop cs5. Thanks for reading visit again. 🙂