Showcase your designs in realistic way

Today we are going to learn how to showcase your designs in realistic way. This tutorial is not so hard, anyone one can do it with a little bit of practice. So lets start the tutorial. In my previous article I showed,

So, In this tutorial we are going to take Business card as our design.

1. Open your business card or you can download the business card, if you don’t have. Merge all the layers of the business card. (Note: You cannot revert back once you merge the layers. In order to prevent from this, please make a copy of your psd file)

2. Once we merge the layers, we got a single layer of the business card. Now create a new canvas with the size of 1200×800. See the screen shot:

3. Now we have to choose the background to showcase the design, you can simply download any of the background you want. Here I am using the wooden background:

Click the image to enlarge.

4. OK now put this background to the canvas you just created and we have to transform it in a bend way. Simply click on any of the corner and then move it the way you want. Make it something like this

5. Ok, now Increase the size to cover the transparent area

6. So, now we have to put the business card accordingly, do the same with the business card to like what we have done with the above background.

7. If you face problem in putting in this way then, use any of the business card which is in a realistic way, then decrease the opacity and then trace it accordingly. Look at the screenshot below for reference

8. Once you completed with the bending period now add another business card for more realistic look

9. After that we have to add some shadow effect. For this right click your mouse by selecting the business card layer. Choose Blending option and do the following setting:

10. Do this with the other business card layer and you are ready to showcase your design. Hope you like the article. Visit again for another cool tutorial. The final shot:

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