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Everybody loves to share, yes we have many great social platforms to share. Hmmm I talking about Facebook, Twitter, G+ but would you mind, if you get one more platform with better UI and awesome features? Here you go, is for you.

What is

In developer own words

Sharify is a brand new type of social network where you can socialize, work and have fun at the same time. Sharify was founded by Rahul Chowdhury in July, 2013.

Using Sharify, you can reach your audience, your friends, get your work done, entertain yourself and your friends and do much more. The best part of Sharify is that you can choose what to view at a certain time, and you will presented with that type of shares from the people you are catching (or following). So, are you sharifying?

I was contacted by Ifham khan to search and review about, I don’t know why he asked to review this site. Well its not the matter here. Some thing should be cool there. Ok so after testing here

#1. Fast, I mean blazing fast

When I opened, I am surprised to see the loading speed of, I don’t know whether its my internet connection or the site which is fast. Well I get confirmation when I browse the site from my smartphone and yes its fast.

#2. Site design, Similar to Facebook but somewhat Unique

The site design is similar to facebook with some more features of sharing. I love the little icons below the sharing box. Also the sidebar panel is also nice with some more features.

sharing box

sidebar panel

There is also welcome box in right side with People to catch, Just like “People you may know” in Facebook.

How the Profiles looks?


Its similar to Facebook, but still I love it. No more B.S. in the profile everything is straight forward. I really love the way it was designed. 5 Star to the developer.

What you can share?

Here is the real part, what you can share with No its not limited to photo sharing or status. Its much beyond, have a look what you can share with


You can shareEvents, Pictures, Videos, Places, Music, Codes, works, Documents and News. I am wondering when they will add Food share? (lol)

Overall I love and I would love to spend some of my hours on from today itself. Wanna join me? its very easy and takes only a minute catch me here


Developer: Rahul Chowdhury