How to Sell Your Designs and Merchandise and Not Die in the Process

Becoming a professional artist is not easy. Even if you manage to become a professional, it can take you years before you can make a living at it. Among things like “strong background design skills”, “digital coloring” and others, you could easily add to your resume “living off half a banana for a week”, because making any money out of your art is not easy. However, though not easy, it’s still not an impossible task. There are several ways to earn money from your creations, even while you work on your portfolio, and pitch projects to land a position at a good animation studio or publishing powerhouse.

street seller

Go to Lots of Events

Going to conventions and art fairs is a good way to make contacts in the art world. You can go as a visitor and hand out your business card. You should make yourself a business card, by the way, and it will be the very first sample of your work every person that meets you will see. Bring your portfolio or a sketchbook so you can show it to potential collaboration partners and artists. And, if you have the time and can invert some cash, get yourself a table in the artist alley. The inversion is relatively small If you keep in mind the amount of people that will see your stuff and buy it, or at least get your card to check out your merchandise later and order it online.

Build an Online Store

Yes, you need an online store. Conventions are nice and a great way of meeting people, but there are only so many you can attend every year. With an online store, you can sell all year round.

You have several options for this enterprise. If you are the brave type, you can build your online shop from scratch, and use a shopping cart app to manage the sales. This one implies a lot of work, since you will have to handle every single aspect of website managing, shipping, payments, and refunds. It might not leave you any time at all to work on your art. Another, easier option, is to use an only store portal. These sites offer you a wide range of free website templates that come with all the features your store is going to need, leaving you only with setting up the design that fits you best.

Save on Raw Materials

Depending on what kind of merchandise you offer, the inversion on raw materials and manufacturing, and the expense of stocking and shipping can be way more than what your budget can manage. If you work with printed goods, your best option is to sign up for a site that takes care of this side of the business. You will build your online store with their hosting service, and they will take care of manufacturing and shipping directly to your customers, in exchange for a certain percentage of the benefits, and the cost of the raw materials.

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