Design A Retro Music Concert Poster in Photoshop

Hey friends today we are going to learn how to Design A Retro Music Concert Poster in Photoshop. This tutorial is very easy and can be perform by anyone who knows photoshop. So let me start the tutorial.

Here are the things, we required for the tutorial, kindly download it:


Paper Texture from Flickr

HeadPhone Boy from Deviantart

#1. So first open the Paper texture in Photoshop

paper texture

#2. Now open the Headphone Guy and place it something like this


#3. Now go to Image>Adjustment>Gradient Map and change the Gradient to Black and white and use these settings:


#4. Change the Blending mode to “Multiply” and you will get this:


#5. as you can see the head is not looking good, so move the image upward and remove the black spots which are not looking good.


#6. Here what I get after moving the image upward and removing the black spots.


#8. Now its time to add some text, here what I have added using the fonts ASH and Augusta Shadow:


#9. Now add some more text, like venue and production company and we are done:


So, this is how you can easily design posters, well the basic idea behind this tutorial is to let you know, how things works. Hope you like it. Thanks for reading, have a look at the final version below and don’t forget to share this tutorial with your friends

Final preview

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