9 Responses to “How to start Your Own Graphic Designing Service while being Student”
  1. WPStuffs says:

    Your hard work is clearly visible in this article…I agree ENGAGEMENT matters a lot to get clients especially for designers and marketers.

    Thanks for this wonderful article and good luck with Mashinmedia :)

  2. Vincent Raja says:

    Really a Good Tips for the Startups :) I would like to suggest for my Juniors in my College !

  3. Hell everyone.
    This is very good news for people.

  4. Asif Khan says:

    Very inspiring post Ifham. This will encourage other students who want to start their own graphic designing service.
    And these tips will work for other businesses too if used appropriately.

  5. Shirle says:

    Hi Ifham khan. I read your article is really impressive, i liked the info what you posted. It’s really Nice :)

  6. superb designs..keep posting

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