How to Get more Projects from your Existing client

Getting more Projects from your Existing client is a situation where you can’t express yourself. But on the other hand, there’s a lot more spicy tricks to experiment to get more projects from your existing clients. Don’t you happy if your client hire you for all their design or any other project? Well Yes you will be happy, and for the god sake you want it. Hey Ifham, Is there anything I can do for getting more projects from existing client?

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The Opening:

Oh! Yes, today I am going to share some of my clean hand dirty tricks to get more jobs from your client. Its not a rocket science to talked your clients professionally. As a freelancer we know, how to talk with clients, aren’t we? Well getting more projects from existing clients is all about the way we impress them. Our conversation is the most important task we do to let them impress instantly.

Let Get started:

Ok let me share a story of mine, the story is all about the title of this post Yes it is “How to Get more Projects from your Existing client”. Recently I was working with a client from UK, They asked me to design a logo for their company. They are too serious about the Logo and are expecting a very Creative Logo from my side. Frankly they annoyed me by asking 100’s of revision but rather declining the project I keep on providing revision/concepts each time they asked to me.

The Move:

And finally after three months, the logo was finalized and they are happy with the Logo, Hey! now the tricky part comes here, what I did to get more from them. I talked with them to let me see their business card, while conversation, I figured out that their business card is not so professional for such class of Business. I prepared an email, describing how they can improve their business with professional business cards. And I got the reply what I expected from them.

They had written a nice email

Hey Ifham,

We are thinking to get the business card design from you as well. We believe that you know the importance of business card and the design element. We are not willing to spend more on business card but we need the business card from you.We will send you the business card detail as soon as possible


Company Name

Isn’t it feels good? Well after completing the Business card design, I am thinking that if they need some more design from me? But I would rather choose any other tricks to get projects from them, instead of using the earlier trick. This time I asked them for testimonial from their side and they asked me to look at my designs. Here comes another shot to get next project. Instead of showing my logo designs and Business card designs, I sent them some of my Brochure, Flyer and Ebook cover designs, hoping that they will love the other stationary designs.

Well this time, I am not much expecting another project, but hey I got another Awesome Email from their side. Here how it was:

   Hey Ifham,

   We are pleased with the Brochure and Flyer design, as we need it for our offline promotion campaign. I have shown your designs to my Marketing Head and for luck they asked me to get the designs from you. Currently We don’t need Ebook cover , but we will surely need it later. I hope you will be back again with some awesome, pleasing brochure and Flyer design.

Let us know what detail you need from us.


And this is how I got back to back four Projects from single client and I am trying to get more from them 🙂  Hope you will like this post. Thanks for reading, visit again and Hey! I would like to know if you have some tips regarding How to Get more Projects from your Existing client. Thanks again 🙂