How to get more clients for freelancing

Are you a freelancer? and wants to know “How to get more clients for freelancing”. Well its pretty simple but depends on your work. Most of freelancers are simply waiting for clients came to them and they accept the job. But did you think this will happen? Absolutely NO. I am in freelancing and earns a lot, got many freelancing job and what clients love me and my work. As a designer, I am always with my designing works but I know If I share my tips with you guys, then it will be great to me. Ok without wasting time let me start sharing my exclusive tips on “How to get more clients for freelancing”

get more clients

Hope you will get clients like this 🙂

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1. Be transparent with the client

Whenever I get a client for freelancing, I will simply ask anything what I want and also I make aware him what I am (That doesn’t mean you can share your Bank detail with the client 😛  Joking ). Tell them how much time you are going to take. The money you will charge and how your work will be. This will attract the client that you are pretty awesome at your work.

2.Share your freelance work on social network

This is the biggest reason I get many client’s. What I does is simply post my earlier work on social network, mostly on Facebook and let wait for some one PM you asking “Hey I just saw your design, Its awesome. Can you please design one for me and How much you will charge?” SO, its time to make this people your next client. You need to talk friendly, don’t be professional too much. Talk like a friend and if possible give discount.

3. How “DISCOUNT” gives more clients

I usually give discount to my clients like, Get logo with (Business card design free). That really gave me many clients in a single day. And did you know the recent client will shout about you on his profile. Where other people turn to you asking for the job. This is what we building relationship with the clients.

4. Provide free service in free time

Yes, you are reading it right! you should provide some free service to other people by posting status on your Facebook account “Get a logo for free just for 2 people”. Yes I know this is social work, but this really going to give clients. What you do is, simply write a letter in MS-Office asking for your recommendation if some one need any freelance work also you can directly tell them at chat or message.

5. Build your own online portfolio

Yes, the client surely ask for your earlier or recent work. Be ready with your portfolio. Simple copy the URL of your portfolio and paste them on their Message. Now you will think where I build my portfolio? Then the answer is again so simple, you can build your portfolio on your Facebook album or my recommendation is Create an account on posterous and share your work there. You can check my portfolio for reference

6. Make use of twitter

Twitter is the fastest growing micro blogging network which is also used for Internet marketing and freelancing, (If used wisely) You may think twitter is just for updating status what happening around you? Absolutely NO, it can be used for marketing and freelancing too. What you have to do is create a Twitter account if you don’t have and start searching what people are asking for. For example Iam a logo and graphic designer I simply search “Need logo” and then hit the search box, this result into people asking for logo. You can personal message them regarding the job with your online portfolio. Also it is very important to follow me on twitter  @ifhamkhan.

These tips are really helped me a lot, hope you can do the same. Wish you all the best on getting more clients for freelancing. And yes don’t forget to get updated subscribe our newsletter

Photo credit : Nickytu