How to create Coffee Cup using CorelDraw

Today, I will teach you how to create a coffee cup using CorelDraw. Yeah, you can create it using CorelDraw too. It’s not so hard. Just follow some simple steps. Hence, let’s not waste the time and start creating Coffee Cup using CorelDraw, you can use this design for poster printing

Final Result:

Tutorial Details:

Program: CorelDraw X4 (You can use other version also)

Difficulty Level: Medium

Completion Time: half an hour

Basic Elements:

Step 1:

First of all open your CorelDraw program. Create a new file. Set the paper size to A4 and change it to landscape view.

Step 2:

Click on the Ellipse tool in the tool bar and make an ellipse of below size. In property bar, set starting angle to 180 and ending angle to 0. After that, click on Pie option.


You’ll get something like this:

Step 3:

Again select ellipse tool and make two ellipses like this:


Now create the handle of cup like below using Bezier tool in the tool box.


Step 4:

Now we’ll color the cup. First select bottom part, handle and the inner ellipse. We will color same in these three that is why we are selecting at once. And go to Fountain Fill tool in tool box. And set as below:

Color the outer ellipse with white color. And remove all the outlines. You will get this thing:

This is the first basic element. Let’s create the second one.

Step 5:

Select both the ellipse (click on one ellipse press shift and then click on the second one) and press + on the keyboard to duplicate it. Now color the outer ellipse with dark chocolate color and color the inner one with light chocolate color.

Step 6:

Select the inner ellipse and go to Transparency tool in the tool box and in the property bar, set below values.



And you will get this image:

Select both the ellipse and go to Arrange–> Group. By doing this both objects will be grouped together. This is our second basic element.

Step 7:

In the first basic element, select the inner ellipse and give it outline (Just for some time, we’ll remove it soon.) Now select the second basic element and go to Effects–> Powerclip–>  Place inside Container. You will see an arrow. Click that arrow on the inner ellipse (On which we gave outline before). Go to Effects–> Powerclip–> Edit Contents. Here you can change the position of the object. Change it like below:

Here I have made the object little smaller. After doing this, click on Finish Editing Object. And remove the outline of the inner ellipse. You’ll get this image:

Step 8:

Make three ellipses below cup like this:


Make one more ellipse and situate it like this:

Step 9:

Now select the most outer ellipse and go to Eraser tool in the tool box. Erase it like below:


Now we just have to color the plate. Color it like below and remove all the outlines:

Step 10:

Now for third basic element, create below shape using Bezier tool.

Now duplicate it 3 more times and place all four above the cup like this:

Step 11:

Select all four shapes and color them light gray and remove their outline. Now go to Interactive Transparency Tool in the tool box. And set the Transparency Type to Radial in Property Bar. You’ll get something like this:

And we are done. After applying some glossy and drop shadow effect I reached to this.

Read this article to learn about glossy effect:  Add glossy and bevel effects to text in CorelDraw

I hope this article was helpful to you. If you face any difficulty then do ask me 🙂



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