How to add Watermark to Images in Photoshop

Adding watermark to Images is not so hard, as it required some basic knowledge, there lots of tutorials are available on this topic, but I am writing because one of reader asked us How to add Watermark to Images in Photoshop. And our duty is to help our readers.

Now come back to the topic let us learn how to add watermark to images in photoshop.

1. Now open the image in photoshop

The photo is flicked by me and its our village photo πŸ™‚

2. Write your copyright text I am writing Copyright Β© Ifham khan Align it in the bottom corner and use white color.

add watermark to images

3. Now select the text and change opacity to 50% and your watermark is ready.

add watermark to images 3

4. You can use the same technique with your logo import your logo and change the opacity to 50%.

add watermark to images

What if you want to add watermark to multiple images

I personally use an online watermarking app water marquee to watermark my images as I don’t have too much Images to water mark, I am stick with photoshop. But if you want to watermark multiple images then Please visit this link

Hope this tutorial will help you. Thanks please do share your views.


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