How I Turned my Designing hobby to a Business

Almost 7 months, I and Pintoo (He was no more, Rest in Peace) my partner thought to start our own Online designing firm. I Knew that I can work but what about Pintoo, He is not good in designing but he can do if I will teach him. So what, I started teaching him each day almost 2-3 hours. And then finally we started MashDesigning as a service website. With bad luck we didn’t get much clients. And finally pintoo asked me to leave the business. I said, I am ok, if you don’t want to work with me. And then I thought why not to share my designing tips via blog. So, I turned that static website to a nice looking blog.


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Established A cool looking Blog:

When I turned the blog, I don’t intent to earn money from this blog, and that was one of my best decision I ever taken. Because I already failed with so many blogs earlier. I started writing designing tips, each and every day I bring some unique content that people started reading and sharing. Because the content they read is worth for them.

Working and Blogging:

With blogging I also keep working for my Low paying clients, And then I started posting my works on Facebook. Whenever I designed I feel that it must be for sharing, and then I write an article on my blog. This gave my readers a basic idea what they are going to learn. And this is what they like and wants from me.

Designing was just my hobby, but its turned to business:

I started designing from 2008, and all credit goes to my father. Who keep asking me to design something for that. He ask and I designed and this is how I learned designing. One day my father asked me to design a brochure for his Publications, I wan not so good at that time. But he knew, I can do If he will help me. He sat behind me, and started giving me ideas on brochure. And after 4 hours, we came with an stunning brochure design. The day was my best day in designing as I just started at it. Since then, I designed thousands of Graphics.

Got my first Client:

I got my first client who was one of my father’s friends, He asked me to design a business card. And so what again my dad helped me in that and we designed awesome business cards and id you know how much he paid me? $5 :(. I know its very less, but I was very happy that I earned my first dollar. And from then, the business start

I entered Online:

I already been online from three to four years, but it was not in designing. But this time I was backed with designing, and started working hard to get clients. I started designing logos, tried every possible ways to get clients. Learned many things, how online business or marketing works. Failed with many designs, but again I know I will get success. And from then I am working continuously for many big companies.

The luckiest moment in my Designing Career.

One of the most luckiest moment in my designing career was, when I designed Logo for one of the most respected blogger, her name is Ileane Smith of, Believe me she is one of my best client so far, very helpful lady. And the best part she is funny too :). You can catch her at She also featured me on her video, you can watch it here

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There is something more, but I think its enough for today. I will keep sharing my stories to inspire you. I hope you like this post. Do share it if you think, it will motivate someone. Keep visiting 🙂


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