How I made $60 Daily Till Two Months

Note: This post is on my personal experience and the result may vary with you

Ignore the grammar, concentrate on the idea πŸ™‚

Ok, so let me start the post without taking your much time. Do, you know there are lots of idea and ways to make money online. Some webmasters only depends on Adsense as their earning source. But, there are lots of ways to make money easily and smartly.

make money online

When the idea stuck in my mind, I immediately registered the domain, completed it (Designing, Payment gateway etc). So, what actually the idea was? Ok, here it is:

Providing quality service in a cheap price.

Guess what? Its a logo designing service in $20. I know $20 is too less and not affordable for an experienced designer to work on. So, to fix this, I hired a designer in my locality to get the job done.

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#1. Setting up the website

I registered the domain for this project, then I added the portfolio and testimonial of some great personalities. I also added payment gateway to make the payment process much easier for the clients. I created the landing page, which converts very well because my traffic won’t be search engine.

Promotion Method #1

Now Its time to promote my website, I don’t wants to get ranking on serp. So, I decided to go for Google adword as my promotion work. But unfortunately adwords doesn’t work and I didn’t get a single order from my adwords compaign.

I spent $100 for adword campaigns but really it didn’t worked. So sad for me πŸ™

Promotion Method #2

After not getting success in adword, I decided to move on banner advertising. I selected a very great banner broker, Yes I am talking about BSA (BuySellAds) again unfortunately It didn’t worked and failed to get a single order from Banner ads

FYI: I spent $50 on banner ad (And I am not allowed to post the website link where I advertised my site)

Promotion Method #3

After failing two times, I thought two drop the idea and work on another project, but then another idea stuck my mind. Why not to try forum advertising. For forum advertising I mean posting an advertising post on forums. You can check the example here

I choose digital point forum to post the advertise, I bought the membership which cost me $25. I created the landing page and then waited for the orders. For the first day I submitted the ad, I got 3 Orders and luckily all done within short period of time.

And from next day, I started getting 1 or two orders daily.

Another forum advertising

After getting good result from Digital point forum, I thought to go for Warrior forum positing, Again I spent $80 for the advertising but got only 3 orders from there. (Very bad for me)

As I was already gettingΒ  daily 1 orders from Digital Point forum, I don’t worried much about failure of Warriorforum

Another Banner advertising:

This time I carefully choose my own blog, Yes its, I placed a call to action banner, after every post. And luckily it was working very good for me. I started getting daily 1 order on an average.

Email Newsletter Promotion:

Email newsletters are one time advertising, anyway I thought to give a try. As lazybuddy has already 2000 Subscribers at that time. I created the campaign and sent to my subscribers. It brought me 12 Logo Orders which is $20×12=$240

Ok now let us calculate the investment and return:


Google adwords = $100

Buysellads banner advertising = $50

Digitalpoint forum subscription = $25

Warriorforum Subscription (Including WSO charge) = $80

Total = $255


Daily 3 orders on an average which is $60

This worked till 2 months and the money earned was $60×60= $3600

Amount paid the designer for two months = $770 (As per the agreement)

Amount spent $255

Total Amount Earned $3600

Amount paid to designer $770

Amount earned = $2575 (My actual earning)

I hope you get an idea from this post. I hope you will try such ideas on your own business and make some handsome amount

Β Note: is no more accepting any orders. I will delete the site or will sell it soon πŸ™‚