Future of Graphic Designing-Be Ready

Thousand of people/students are attracting toward Graphic Designing and every day I see almost 3-4 people talking about Graphic Designing. What’s so nice in the field? Is Graphic Designing is enough to make happy living? Yes, absolutely graphic designing is growing every day and the demand of designers are increasing every minute. Lots of so called designers are jumping in this field, but unfortunately they end as soon as they realize its not easy as they think.

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Everything is going online, from shopping to finding real estate agents. And the number of internet user are growing very fast. An yes here is the chance for graphic designer. Without designing the internet world is incomplete. A company or website without design? Ohh! Can’t imagine. Every body needs designer in order to fulfill the online world requirement.

Do you think a company without logo? or a website without stunning graphics? Click here to share your views No, Not at all. Because designing is very important in marketing, business, emotions, sales, visualization etc. So, again we graphic designers are well known for designing stuffs for companies, Online marketers, Bloggers and much more.

The world is becoming more and more virtual, as s result companies started relying on internet world. As a result more and more people are jumping in graphic designing.

Who can design?

Any one who have keen interest in designing and art can learn and design, but if you can’t, better stop being the so called designer. Because designing is not just what you see, different colors in a text, its lots more behind it. Yes, admit it! You need to learn a lot in designing. It requires study of typography, color theory, alignment, space, visualization, emotions, age bar etc.

Types of Graphic Designing Jobs:

There are lots of designing jobs, such as Logo designing service, Web site design, stationary design, and lots more. You can be a freelance Designer to work from your home using your PC/Mac with internet connection, or you can be work with any reputed designing firm. Or might be a crowdsourcer where designer take part on different jobs listed. But the best is freelancing according to me.

How much I can earn?

It depends on your skill and experience and the type of designing skill you know. For example Logo designing is one of the hottest trend today which pays a huge amount. A Logo designer can earn from $100 to $10,000 per logo on average. At the same time Stationary designer can earn huge bucks, but again it depends on your skill and experience. A experienced Freelancer earns more than from his/her 9 to 5 Job

Ways to make money from Designing?

There are lots of ways to make money from designing. You can earn money designing logos/graphics, by starting blog and sharing your designing expertise (like I am doing) By designing website template, by selling graphics online. You can read more here

So why we should be ready?

As I already said, people are engaging more on internet and the companies too. So, you should be ready for hungry companies for their designing works, at the same time thousands of designers are coming to online world of designing. So the competition will be very tough, and companies and clients will give more priority to respected and experience designer.

My final words:

Start building your own authority, design, design and design. Become expert in your niche and let the world know about you.

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