Design an Ebook Cover In Photoshop Using Action

Hello friends, After a long time, I am back with another Photoshop Tutorial , we will be creating an Ebook cover Using Photoshop Ebook Cover action. Well its not an advance Tutorial, but you can design cool looking ebook cover. Bloggers and Internet Marketers often need E-book cover for their Products. So I decide ti show a basic tutorial on How to Design an Ebook Cover in Photoshop. James Gordon helped me to compile this tutorial, who work atΒ Where can I buy Stamps,Β An online guide on where to buy stamps.

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#1. So, let get started. First you need to download Ebook Cover Action Download Cover Action Pro – Paperback

#2. Once you downloaded it, now Load the action and play the first set. Please take a look at the screen shot, it will generate the plain cover design and we need to change the complete design.

#3. After you played the Step 1, you will see the Plain Cover design, like this:

Design an ebook cover in photoshop

#4. Ok so, First we will change the background, go to the Layer Panel and you will see the Background layer but it will be locked, so to unlock double click on that layer. Change the Foreground and background color to #ffffff and #d6d6d6 respectively. And then double click on the Background layer to open the Blending options and select Gradient overlay then select the first gradient.

Do these setting in the Gradient Overlay panel

#5. Ok let us delete the Text first so that we can design some elements. Delete all the Text layers from the Layer panel. After deleting the text layers, you will see only one layer which is background.

#6. Its time to add some design elements, remember the design elements not to overlay the Spine parts.

#7. Now Add some text accordingly and some Images to spice up the cover. Have a look what I have done with my design.

Some Text in the spine Area

#8. We are ready to convert the design into 3D appearance, Now select the Step 2 from the action panel and click on play.

#9. And finally here is the cool Ebook cover Design

Some Close look ups.

Hope you enjoyed designing an Ebook Cover In Photoshop. Let me know if you face any problem. Thanks for visiting πŸ™‚


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