Design a flyer in photoshop

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Today we are showing you step by step guide to design a flyer in photoshop. Before proceeding to the tutorial, let me explain some of the basic’s of flyer designs. A flyer should be attractive, that means it should be catch people attention at the first impression. Use bold and big fonts for better visualization.

So let us start learning flyer designing in photoshop.

#1. Open you favorite image editing software (Yes photoshop) Create a new canvas with the size 2238×3073 px, and choose dimension to 300.

flyer design 1

#2. Now using rectangle tool cover the canvas and fill with gradient using color #000000 and #232323, you will get some thing like this.

flyer design 2

#3. Ok ,so now we have to add a character of a lady, we are using Music To My Ears


#4. Extract the lady and put it onto the canvas, it will be something like this:

music lady

#5. Its time to add some effects on lady, create a new layer and using brush tool cover the character with different colors, see the screenshot below:

flyer tutorial

#6. Now change the layer mode to overlay, and the result will be like this

music lady

#7. Now to make it more attractive we are going to add some effects using brush. I am using Dot splatter V.2 and Leaves and butterflies brushes. Download both from here 10 Awesome Photoshop Brushes bundles. Have a look I have added the effects

flyer designing

#8. As you can see the cutting of the image of the lady on the leg, so we have to hide this by adding some elements. I am adding a banner shape with the concert text.

music mania

#9. We have completed almost our Flyer, now its time to add the information such as Date, venue and all.

cool Flyer design

And now our flyer is ready. How easy is to design a flyer in Photoshop.  Hope you like the tutorial. Please share your views.

Download psd

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