Design a creative Timeline cover

Once again our reader request a tutorial for creative timeline cover. So, I am back with the tutorial “Design a creative Timeline cover” Have a look at what he asked:


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So let start the tutorial. First of all we need complete detail of the size for timeline cover.

  • The timeline cover size should be 851X315
  • Use resolution to 300

1.Open your favorite Image processing software Photoshop and create a new canvas of size 851X315

2. Now make a new background using rectangle tool and fill it with white color. And then move to ( Yes we are going to design yahoo dashboard on our timeline) Have a look at mine:

creative timeline

Pretty nice, now by this we are going to create a yahoo dashboard with some creativity. OK move to, take a snapshot of the search bar with snipping tool or any if you have, and place the search bar at the top of timeline. Look at the screenshot below:

create timeline

3. Now add the featured news bar using the same steps as we done earlier.

4. Now add some text links


Now its looking good, without add too much yahoo widgets, let we add the profile pic box first. For this I don’t want to go and check the spacing, simply move to, download any of the cover which have the profile pic box. Download the cover and move it to your photoshop working space.

timeline making

5. Now delete the image and you will get some thing like this

fb coerv

6. You can see the black space above and left from the profile pic box, what we have to do is write Top story with headline and some news. Look below:

Fantastic! Now look at this it will surely look like the yahoo dashboard, but its a timeline cover. For your information:

  • I used #4364a0 For headline and read more link
  • Used Myriad Pro font, because its similar to yahoo website text.
  • I used Lorem Ipsum generator to generate dummy text.
  • Change the text [Your name] with your name. (I mean to say πŸ™‚ )

Now let us check How it will be after placing this to our timeline.

Creative timeline cover

Looking awesome, Thanks for reading my article, please share this and comment if you need any help. Hope it will help you Ankit πŸ™‚

Download the PSD

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