Create your own Font Online Free in just Minutes

Poeple often ask me how to create font without any knowledge of designing fonts. At last I decided to write a piece of information on how to Create your own font online. First of all you need basic knowledge of typefaces and typography. If you don’t know what is typeface and Typography, read wikipedia’s info on Typeface and Typography. Ok so let me start showing you how you can create your own Font online with some basic knowledge of Typograph.

In this tutorial I am using Fontstruct, an online Font designing tool, which is free and easy to use. Before creating your font, you need to register with Fonstruct. You can easily sign up here

After singing into Fonstruct, click onto Create New fonstruction and then name your font.

create your own font online

font name

Ok now you will be redirected to the dashboard and here we are going to create our own font online.


Ok, so once you were on your dashboard, you will see there is some tools, bricks and blank areas. Before moving to the working zone, let me give you brief description about the tools. There is a tool box floating in the dashboard area. You can see

  • Draw Tool which is Pen
  • Rubber to Erase multiple bricks at once
  • Rectangle to create a rectangle at once
  • Arrow which is used to copy and paste the bricks
  • Line tool to draw lines and
  • Pan view to adjust the paper.


There is another box, which contains Bricks to give some typeface effects.

font bricks

Basic latin box contains Alphabet from A to Z, Numbers and special symbols. You need to design different Alphabet in different latin box.


Ok so now you are familiar with the dashboard, let start creating Font.

#1. Choose  the square brick and then Pen tool, and start creating the first Alphabet which is A. Have a look at mine

Letter A

#2. Now we can add some bricks to make it more attractive, choose any brick from the Bricks box and add them accordingly.

So, here we created our first Alphabet, use different bricks to make something unique, here are some other typefaces, I created using bricks.


Letter E

So, you can design as many fonts as you want with different Typefaces. I recommend you to first ready with your sketch and then start designing the fonts in Fonstruct. Also you can browse Fonstruct Gallery for inspiration

Hope you all love this article, do share with your friends and let me know your views on Fonstruct. Good luck to all thanks for reading this tutorial. Please visit again for more and more tips on designing.