Create Business Cards Online Free in Just Minutes

Want to Create Business Cards Online Free? Here is the short tutorial for you. Let me start showing you step by step How to Create Business cards Online free without knowing any graphic designing software. You can design a good looking business card in Just minutes and it will be print ready. Well the design will not be attractive, but in my opinion its good for normal Business cards.

There are lots of other things to be consider while designing a business card, as it will be your first impression and we know.

First Impression is Last Impression

Well, before starting the tutorial, I recommend you to please read Why business cards are must have? and How should be a professional business card?.

So let start the tutorial.

#1. Visit Businesscardland and choose the template which you like.

Create online business cards free

#2. I a choosing the first template.

#3. Now choose Modern SparkleFull Bleed (8 cards per page, prints to the edge)

#4. Ok so, its time to choose the size for business card. I choose the Standard America size.

#5. Add your detail on business card.

#6. Now you can see the normal preview of the business card, but we can change the colors of the layout and text. So, let me change the layout color as well.

#7. Change the color from the below color buttons they are color 1, color 2, and background. I am keeping background as white, color 1 as Magenta and color 2 as Dark Grey. Here is the preview

#8. And the business card is ready for print, download them, see below how to download.

Click on Make PDF/Print> Print 8 cards Per page..>Iam using perforated..> Create PDF

And you are done, print them distribute them, express your business. Hope you like the short, simple and sweet tutorial on How to Create Business Cards Online Free in Just Minutes. Thanks for visiting