Convert Black and White Photo into Color in Photoshop CS5


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Hey friends, I am back with another Photoshop Tutorial. This time, I am going to teach you, How to Convert Black and White Photo into Color in Photoshop CS5 easily. The tutorial is quite easy ans can be performed by any one, who knows the basic of Photoshop. SO let us learn how to Convert Black and White Photo into Color in Photoshop CS5.

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Before we begin, we need a Black and white Photo, so that we can convert it into color. After a lot of researching I found the Black and White Photo for me. Here what I am using, Download it from here

Black and white photo

So Let us learn How to Convert Black and White Photo into Color in Photoshop CS5

#1. Open the Photo in Photoshop CS5

#2. Now Pick the Pen tool and start tracing the face, remember to trace only face not the hair, dress etc. Look at the screenshot below. Once you complete tracing the facial part, next you have to trace both eyes and Lips.

#3. Now Right click and Select Make Selection and use 2.5 as

Now you will see the selection some thing like this:

turn BW images into Color

#4. Ok, now create a New Layer  and put it above the Background Image

#5. Change the Foreground color to #FFB898, and then choose the select Paint Bucket tool and click on the selected Part, you will see something like this:

#6. Don’t worry its looking ugly, Ok now change the Blending mode to Color and decrease the opacity 60% and you will see something like this.

#8. Pretty nice, rite? Now go to Image>adjustment>Hue/saturation and do these settings, see the screenshot:

After changing the Hue/saturation you will get something like this:

#9. Ok so facial part is over, now jump to lips. Choose the Pen tool and start tracing, and do the same steps as we did earlier. Once Tracing is over, right click>Make selection and Feather Radius to 2.5 Px and then create a new layer.

#10. Before applying the color we need to change the foreground color. Change it to #B70318

#11. Now select the Paint Bucket tool and fill the Lips, and then change the blending mode to Color  and Opacity to 40%. You will get this:

#12. Similarly use the Procedure for dress and the background. Have a look how I achieve: [Final Result]

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial, let me know if you find any problem in between the tutorial. Thanks for visiting :)

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  1. That’s a nice tutorial will try something with my own black and white images 😀 finally I got something to do.. 😉

  2. PrIyAnGsHu says:

    Great tutorial Ifham. Trying it out now :).

  3. K Bharath says:

    This is perfect Tutorial Ifham, you explained it step by step so clearly. its great….:). the output is so great.

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  5. Donkichot says:

    So well explain that I tried it on my iPad photoshop.

    And it work perfectly !

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