Colors Physiology: What you Need to Know

Do you know Colors have 80% effect on Human behavior? No matter in which Business you are. color matters and it does for what its been. Yesterday I was trying to figure out the Call to action Color for one of My order Page button. I started researching my audience, and at last I was just shocked that how color matters for your business, branding, marketing etc. Though the topic is quite different for me, as I am not an color Physicist. But it worth sharing what I get after researching the colors physiology. Yes colors boost marketing, color catches attention and the list goes so on.

Physiology of colors

Colors are used every where, whether its a logo, Business card, Brochure or its an advertisement banner. But to get the most of the design, the most important is color. Ever noticed how big companies taking advantage of particular colors for appealing their business. Yes they do, and what? You recognize them with their branding color.

Different colors has different effect. For example a restaurant uses Orange or slight red color, because these colors clearly convey the fast action, Eat and move. Even Red colors are often used in Adult sites with the combination of Black and Red. Because Red color attract sexual attraction. So before choosing any color, you should know the message that color provides.

Blue colors is the only color which has the ability to sooth and relax our mind and thousands of corporate companies use Blue color. A big example is facebook. We spend most of the time in Facebook, and blue color never distract us, And pinterest uses Red color, that means Do and GO. And that how they are using colors Physiology for better engagement.

Study at University of Loyola, Maryland showed that color increase the recognition of a brand up to 80%

Did you know why most “Order Now” or “Download” buttons are in Green color? because green is the color associates with Money, nature, positive thinking, calm and immediate action with positive attitude. And Forefox using it smartly. You can see firefox is using Green Download button


You may have seen Forex trading sites mostly used Green color for their website color scheme, have a look at the below screen shots.


forex trading


And the list goes on. This is how color is important for each and every business or branding.

White is the color which is associated with Purity, virginity, youth, cleanliness and moreover it clearly reflects with Other colors. White is used for peace and that is why pigeon shows a symbol of peace.White has no negative effect.

Red: If you want to attract some one attentions immediately then Red is the only color which can do this job almost immediately. That how adult sites use Red color. When a woman dress Red color dress, its usually associated with sex appeal, however if a man wears red, it boost confident.

Purple: It is very popular color among female teenagers, and frankly I already noticed the effect of purple in female teenagers.

Green: As I already said, green is widely used for Money, Calm, and immediate action. Hospitals often use Pale green to calm the patient’s.

Blue: Blue is the color for corporate purpose mostly. One of the most widely used color for corporate level sites. Do you know?

Employee work with more productive in Blue color environment

Moreover, weight lifters can lift bigger weights in blue gym than they usually do.

Orange: Widely used by food related companies and restaurants. Also orange associated with Happiness and Good time. This color can be used for Children as well.

Apart from this, there are lots more Physiology of colors, you can read more about by googling. I think I have given a quick sweet info about Physiology of colors. Hope you will research about the color before choosing for your business from now. If you like this article please share it with your friends and family. Do let me know if you have some thing more in the comment section. See you again 🙂