Change Background Of a Picture In CorelDraw

Did you ever want to change the background of your photo? I think, yes. We always want to change the bad background of our photo. Sometimes our photos are good but because of bad background we don’t show it to others. Don’t worry; I have a solution for you all. You can change the background of your photos by some simple steps. Let’s start the tutorial “Change Background Of a Picture In CorelDraw”

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Final Result:

Tutorial Details:

Program: Corel Draw X4 (You can use other version also)

Difficulty Level: Easy

Completion Time: 10 Minutes

Basic Elements:

You’ll need only two things:

Now let’s start.

Step 1:

First of all open your CorelDraw program. Create a new file. Set the paper size to A4 and change it to landscape view.

Step 2:

Go to the file menu and click import (You can also press Ctrl + I on the keyboard). Choose the image you want to change the background of (that is first basic element) and click import. Now click and drag the image wherever you want (or hit Enter to bring the image at the centre).

Step 3:

Click on the Bezier Tool in the tool box. And draw the lines on the part whose background you want to change. And remember to end with the starting node (Means end with the same node from where you started). By doing this you can fill color in it. Shape it using shape tool (It is situated in the tool box). Color it with any color. After doing everything you will get something like this:

Step 4:

Select the background image and go to Effects–> Powerclip–> Place Inside Container. One dark arrow will come. Click that arrow on the shape which you have created. Now you will see the part without its background. If you want to edit its position then go to Effects–> Powerclip–> Edit Contents. Edit the image position. After editing click on Finish Editing Object. To remove the outline of the image right click on the cross that is top of the color box (or go to outline tool in the tool box and click None). You’ll get like this:

Step 5:

 Now import the background image(Second basic element) which you want. I think you know how to import it (As I have told this in starting). Select it and go to Arrange–> Order–> To Back Of Page and the photo will go behind and arrange the photo as you want. I did it like this:

So, how’s it? Try this tutorial and if you have any difficulty then ask me. I am always here for you.

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17 Responses to “Change Background Of a Picture In CorelDraw”
  1. Kuldeep says:

    Thanks Nikita for your helping tutorial.. As a newbie in designing, I am also seeking such tutorials now & Then,,,

    Thanks for this one! :)

  2. Nikita Mishra says:

    Your Welcome Kuldeep! Just stay tuned with us for more exciting tutorials :)

  3. Daniyal says:

    Really simple and easy tutorial going to download corel draw first then will practice on this tutorial

  4. Nikita Mishra says:

    Yeah Daniyal, It’s very easy. You can do it just in minutes :)

  5. Daniyal@facebookbook covers says:

    Hey didn’t understand the use of shape tool in the step 3 and also unable to orange color on the pic.
    and Nikita i am using Corel draw x6 and it has place inside frame option instead of place inside container does it make any difference btw tutorial was helpful i changed my personal photo background first time:)

  6. Daniyal@facebookbook covers says:

    and more question how to save image as jpeg format after finalizing
    sorry for faqs

  7. Nikita Mishra says:

    @daniyal I told to use shape tool to shape the lines in case they are not proper(if they are proper then there is no need of shaping it) And to fill the color you have to end with the same node from where you started. And I don’t think that there is any difference between place inside container and frame.
    To save the the image in another format select the image and go to file-> Export and check selected only. Click on save as type and change the format you want. Hit Export. Hope it is helpful :)

  8. Puneet says:

    Nikita This is nice one. I have started learning designing, I will help me for sure.

  9. Nikita Mishra says:

    Thanks Puneet! I am so glad that it is helping you :)

  10. K Mathew Thomas says:

    Designing is my hobby in my old age. I have basic knowledge of CorelDraw and Photoshop. Removing the background is one problem that puzzles me a lot. In Photoshop I can do that. But when it is imported in CorelDraw it appears once again. You have explained it in the most simple way; still I have difficulty in comprehending it. If you have a tutorial website on CorelDraw, kindly let me know details. Learning is a never ending process. I am no exception. Don’t be shocked if I say I am running 80. May God bless you. Warm regards and best wishes, K Mathew Thomas

  11. yankuba says:

    i dont understand how to use the same font side with the picture after editing,please i need need

  12. Carlos says:

    Hi!!! I am doing a graphic and I want to put a permanent white background bigger than the image. At least half inch on every sides. How can do this? thanks…

    • Ifham khan says:

      Hello Carlos, First get the size of the image and then make a new rectangle half inch more of the image size then place it behind the image. Using Shift+Page Down

  13. bahriddin says:

    ok show me you cant make

  14. sir d says:

    i did get it, after shaping and putting the color i then click on it and move to the effect and power clip but only the shape i trace appear and not the image that i need

  15. param says:

    Excellent tutorial would you have a tutorial on how to make a photo collage with a frame around pics. in Corel draw x6,step by step.? if u do pl. post it.



  16. abu rena says:

    good tutorials


    waiting …… more tutorials

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