Celebrating the New Paradigm


If you want to compare the current moment in cultural and technological history with something, it would be best not to compare with anything else in history — this moment is unprecedented. Technology is no longer just an extension of the human limbs and muscles and bones, but rather it extends the human imagination.




The New Is Also Old


Maybe the most impressive thing about new media and the Web is the degree to which it absorbs all human history and invention, translating and representing those things on screens. It's a miraculous metamorphosis of historical knowledge — quite unexpected by Luddites.




The changes in visual design and communication have been profound, of course. A visual surface is no longer static or flat or one-directional. The Web has given design new dimensions on which to work its magic.



The Game of Postmodern Life



Some will argue that we are now in the post-Postmodernism phase, actually. That could mean that our lives have become games rather than just starting to seem like that a few decades ago. We live part on land and part in our imaginations, in the Clouds, in social networks, in different time zones — we are playing with rules of life that previous generations never thought to question.


Strangely (and yet we know this in our bones) most everything we find online has a dynamism that is unpredictable, liable to go viral at any moment, trends bulging waiting for awareness. It is not wise to discount anything — high and low have lost meaning, given way to the emergent truth of direct experiences.


Even a site like http://www.classycasinos.co.uk shows a wild mixture of offline and online entertainment, visual styles from cinema, casinos, 3D animation and old school gambling. It's amazing to see examples like these, and how popular they are, on the basis of our world's current imaginative adventure.