Build Trust with Your Clients in 3 Steps

Building Trust with clients is the most important part of your freelancing career. Its very hard to build trust if you are in initial stage, but once you worked with some decent clients, you are now eligible to build Trust with Your clients. When I was in my initial stage, I just put my hands on making awesome designs, which will make my clients too happy. Later on I thought that I am missing some of my crucial steps to increase my Freelancing network.

build relation with clients

Then I started to Build Trust with my clients, and luckily I got success in a short period of time. So, I am here to share some of my amazing tips to Build trust with clients.

The first part of building trust with my clients is to make them friends of me, I tried almost all the techniques to talk with them like a cool friends.

#1. Talk like a friend

Whatever source they used to reach me, I never make them feel so called professional, I talked with them like a friend. When they need help or support from me, I rather give my personal contact number instead of inviting them to chat online. Because I believe word of mouth is better than hitting keys on Keyboard. I understand their feelings. If the client have some economic issue, I just tell them “Common buddy you can pay me whenever your pocked become hot”. So the question arises, Can I do this with my new clients? Better not, because you cannot put trust on anybody. If he / she is your regular client then go for it. And believe me they never go for any other person do get their work done.

#2. Be professional with some clients

Some times its really hard for me to talk with them like a friend, this is when I got some one new. I carefully talk them like a professional. I never use words which describe that I am single alone in my business and this can  be done by using pronoun “We” instead of “I”. Because clients wish to work with team instead of a single guy working alone in the pajama. Earlier I worked with a hotel, where they provide Rooms for guest to a new comer in the city. I tried to make my words professional by using “WE” in every sentence. For example

My client asked me, When will you complete the project?

I answered them, “We will try to finish the work before the deadline”

And this is how I put a positive impact to the client, that I am not alone person to work with your project, and they accepted me as a professional Designer.

#3. Tell the truth every time

In other words, Be honest every time. Being honest with clients is good for both the parties, for you and for your clients too. Because if you lie with them, someday, somehow they will catch you and then where you will lose the trust with the client. So, instead of making negative relation, its good to be honest. If you can’t do the project, better say “SORRY I can’t”. Well this will never hurt your reputation, but make them feel comfortable, and again here you collected few points to build trust with them.

These are the tips to Build Trust with Your Clients in 3 Steps, Hope you like the article. Please share it with your friends to make use of this article. Thanks for reading visit again. 🙂

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