Auto-focus on photoshop easiest method


Auto-focus is one of the best effect, which widely used by photographers to add life to the photos. Since we are not photographer or we don’t have a Professional camera. But we have a tool which can do anything, yes its photoshop. OK let me start the procedure without doing anytime pass with you friends. Let start adding Auto-focus effect on images. First you need to select the images carefully, which really works with the auto-focus effect.

I am using this image:


1. First open your image in photoshop

2.Now duplicate the layer ( Check this for duplicating layers)ย  and apply Guassian blur effect with these setting : Radius 13.9

3. The last and most important procedure, we have to delete the part which we wants to focus. Using the eraser tool with 0% and 197% of eraser size. Have a look on the screen shot below

4. Start the deleting the parts which you want to focus, I am deleting the delicious food because I want to focus on it. And you will get the auto-focus effect on the image. Look below

Friends Its really easy as one, two, three. Am I right? Yes I am right. ๐Ÿ™‚ Okay practice more for getting fine result. Thanks for reading my tutorial. And yes visit again for more awesome tutorials.


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