Top 5 Awesome Android Camera App

After testing almost 20 Android camera app, I am here with the top 5 Android camera app which I feel every photographer should download. Well the top is not by the popularity but its in my opinion and believe me they are the best camera apps available to the market. I tested 20 camera apps. some are good some are worst but, I found 5 that they are most powerful camera app. I hope you will download them to get the most for your mobile photography. So here we go:

#1. Pudding Camera

android camera app

Pudding camera really blow my mind with 9 Quality camera and 8 beautiful films are awesome. I felt great when I found this application. The Fantasy effect is too much great as I really love Tilt shift effect. All 72 effects in total are much to make your photos awesome.

Download from Google play 28MB Price: Free

#2. Awesome Miniature Pro

It is the only camera app which has number of tilt shift effects. I found this app very much handy for capturing tilt shift photos. The settings for tilt shift are great to make any images in an stunning image. Well why don’t you see the video:

camera app android

Download from google Play 4.1MB Price: Paid

#3. FX Camera


This app has number of cool camera effects like Vintage effect, ToyCam, Fisheye, Symmetric, poster etc. The Fisheye effect and Vintage effect is what I like the best. One thing I didn’t like is it consume huge memory, but still I would love to keep this in my device.

Download this from Google play 8.2MB Price: Free

#4. Paper Camera

Believe me you will love it, yes I admit it I am in love with this app. Although its paid but again I am saying its worth paying. The camera turn into realtime sketch effect and lots more effects. Whenever I get time I open Paper camera and start capturing Images and videos in sketch effect.

paper camera

Watch the video

Download this from Google Play 10MB Price: Paid

#5. Camera ZOOM FX


You can watch the video of Camera Zoom FX below

Last but not least, camera Zoom FX has all the features of camera in one app. The all in one app contains numbers of camera settings with hundreds of effects. Earlier I thought its not what I was looking for, but at last I felt to buy it and it amazed me with its features.

Download from Google play 1.9MB Price: Paid

So these are the Top 5 Awesome Android Camera App in my device, and I am using these apps daily to capture awesome images. I hope you will download them all. Thanks for visiting

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