An Introduction of MashDesigning


Hello friends,

Today I am Launching this blog named and thanks to my god who helped me in everything. I will not going to share any tips of Designing or making money on this article, because this is just a brief look of

So What is MashDesigning?

MashDesigning is a blog which helps designers or any other who is interested to learn designing, not just that I will also share tips on how you can make money from your designing.

Who is behind MashDesigning?

This is another important thing you should know. MashDesigning is run and own by Ifham khan (Might be you heard my name ๐Ÿ™‚ ). Ifham khan is Designer, freelancer, logo artist, and of course a blogger.

What tips you cover?

MashDesigning mainly focus on designing tips and also how to make money from that. We are going to cover almost every designing tips which helps not only beginners but also for pro designers.

How I automatically get daily update whenever you post?

Ok, we have setup the feedburner newsletter for you, just see the sidebar there is box which is asking your Email Address. Simply write your Email address there and click on subscribe. Now you get our updates directly on your inbox.

So friends thanks for coming to MashDesigning and reading this post, which is just an introduction (I already said).

Mean while you can follow me on twitter for live updates. Here is the link.


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