5 Amazing Free Photoshop Actions to Simplify Your Work


No matter how much you are addicted to Photoshop or how much free time you have. You still love the shortcuts. I have been using Photoshop from years and I must admit its the best Photo editing and Graphic designing tool for web designers and Graphic designers. While addicted to photoshop, I still use some Photoshop Actions that make my work easy with few simple clicks. The best part is its FREE and you can use it as many times as you want.

Today, I am going to Share 5 Amazing Free Photoshop Actions to Simplify Your Work within few clicks. Read on, there is something good for you

1. RotateME Action

This action clones objects/shapes and rotate in a 360 degree. This can be done in Illustrator, but now you can also do it Photoshop. It makes layers of 12 and 36 copies. Check the Example below

TotateME Action


2. Convert Pixel to Vector Action

This is the most amazing action I ever downloaded because most of the time I have to rasterize layers and while stretching the size the pixels starts breaking. And the savior is Pixel to Vector action. You can easily convert any pixel object, shapes in to Vector in a single click

Pixel to Vector Converter


3. 2D to 3D Convertor Action

Ever wanted to convert your 2D design or text into 3D? Well this action will help you and will amaze you with the result it produce. I am using this action from a long time and every time it works like a charm

Read the tutorial here: Turn your Text or Design into 3D


4. Long Shadow Generator Action

Long shadow generator

There is a trend of long shadow, its mostly used in icons, text and shapes. While there are so many long shadow creator/generator but this Action is much better then all the others because of the customization option it gives.


5. No More Banding Action

No more banding Photoshop Action

You often face banding issue when you use gradient, fortunately this will not be the case anymore, No More Banding Photoshop Action is a magic tool that will dramatically remove those banding in just one click


There are my time savior, I have lots of other photoshop tools, Actions, Scripts, styles, and addons, I will keep sharing with you guys. Visit again 🙂

And Thanks to all the people who created these Amazing Photoshop Actions

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