8 Ways to Make Money by Designing


Making money by designing, is one of the hot topic now a days among newbies. Lots of designers are hunting for ways to make money by designing. I am sure you will earn your first dollar after reading this post, but you need to be very smart in your field. A small suggestion for you, never stick with one way to make money. Try to elaborate yourself as much as you can, once you get your field then you can continue and generate as much money as you can. Here is the list ofย  “8 Ways to Make Money by Designing

make money by designing

1.Earn money by designing logos

One of the best way to make money by designing. Logos are often needed for business and companies. If you have a great skill to design a logo then you can earn thousands of dollars by designing logos. Remember never copy logo concepts otherwise you will lose your credibility by yourself. There are many logo designers earning precious amount from logo designing, Yes me too :). You can read my earlier post Amazing Ideas to design a logo to get ideas on designing logo.

2. Sell your graphics online and earn commission

If you are in designing for many years, you might have lots of rejected designs or you have missed the clients by some means, now you don’t need to worry about those designs. You can sell those designs online and make money. I found the best marketplace for designs its Graphicriver.net. Read my post Earn money using Graphicriver. It’ll help you to understand more about this. Also read this post 40+ Places to Sell Your Designs Online

3. Earn money by writing Photoshop tutorials

This might be difficult, if you are not a top notch photoshopper. But if you have skill to make something unique in Photoshop then you can share with the world and can earn money. Lots of websites offer good money for writing tutorials for their blogs or website. You can earn from $50 to $300 per approved tutorial you write.

You can read this: 12 Best websites to submit photoshop tutorials and get paid

4. Start a blog and earn money

Blogging is the best way to make money and you will become famous for your skill. Start a blog, share your views on designing and also share tutorials on designing. Once your blog becomes famous you can earn money by writing reviews, selling ad space on your blog. Remember blogging needs patience. (My suggestion) ๐Ÿ™‚

5. Design website template and earn money

Those days are gone when website designing company used to make manual website mock ups, now people tend to buy ready made template online and then use for their projects. So, Its the best way to make money. You can contact your local web designing company and ask them to hire you for website template mockups. Offer them for a reasonable price and make money from designing website mockups. You can also sell website templates online.

6.Write articles and make money

It is something similar to writing Photoshop tutorial, but here you need to write articles and get paid. There are lots of websites are available where you can get paid for writing articles for them. Also you can get extra exposure from the author bio box. You can write articles on these sites:

7. Write Ebook and make lots of money

If you are a good designer and a good writer too, you can write E-book on your niche such as Designing, How to get clients and blah blah. You can make continues money. Write a challenging Ebook and sell it online. You can use affiliate system to make it easier to sell online.

Recommendation: Write an E-Book in 14 Days

8. Provide hosting or resell it

If you are a web designer, you must come in such situation when the client ask for full website setup, like Hosting. Then once again is a great chance to make money from hosting service. Register a reseller hosting account, and use it for your clients website. You can use hostgator as your reseller hosting service.

Hope this article will help you to make money by designing. If you have any other idea then do share with us. ๐Ÿ™‚

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