5 Cheesy Ways to Make Your Client Happy

A Happy client tells others about you. And then others recommend others. The chain keeps going on. Do you know the 5 Formula which makes your client happy? No, Ok let me tell you. But wait! Is it really necessary to make your client happy? Ask yourself.

make your client happy

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ok, again let me answer. YES! you should make your client happy. Why?

Because, he/she will promote you, recommend you, tells about you to his/her friends. So, its necessary to make your client happy. Make them fall in love with you. Make them to promote you.

So here are the 5 Practice you should follow (Which Actually I am doing)

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[alert-warning] Note: You might think that these ideas already have in your mind, or you might read it before. But I strongly suggest you, even if you know these tips read it carefully and apply in real world. Don’t just read it, apply it. Use it. Would you mind to get more clients coming to you? [/alert-warning]

Ok let get started.

#1. Offer them discount

Even if your client doesn’t ask for the discount you should provide them. Why? Because everyone loves discount and in this way, you will automatically make them to love with you. Here is my story regarding Discount

A client from Russia came to for his company logo design. And when I sent the Invoice, I added a short little discount at the end of the pricing. And got a short reply from him

He Ifham! I am surprised to see, that you are offering me discount without even we asked for it. Hope do to more business with you. Thanks a lot [Client Name]

Cool! Isn’t it?

#2. Provide 0ne Free service on another

Ok, If you don’t wants to cut your charges, here is another way to impress them. Yes, Provide another service and for free. Here is how you can provide the right offer. Well as you know I am logo designer. What I do is, I offer Free business card design for the order of logo design.

In this way I am not just impressing my client but also I am showing my skills on other part of designing. Chances are higher I will get more projects in the future. Offer a Free service Make Your Client Happy 🙂

#3. Help them whenever they need

Your duty ends, when you completed the job and get paid. But if you wants to let them remember about you, recommend you? HELP THEM! I am not saying you should call them every day to ask if he/she is getting any problem. But what actually you can do is, keep his/her social activity on social networking sites.

If your client is on social networking site, you can easily track them. If they gets problems, they might update their status regarding the problem. Here is your chance to make them even more happy. Try to help them. Solve their problem and move one step ahead in their heart.

Do you know people gets emotionally attached who care about us, Help us. Treat your clients just like your friends. And you will get the reward

#4. Accept your fault

Is this really Make Your Client Happy? Of course Yes! Many time you might did mistakes. Instead of making excuses accept your fault. And convince him/her that you will take care from the next time.

This makes a healthy relation between you and your clients. Remember A healthy relations long last.

#5 Some more tips Make Your Client Happy

  1. Try to respond every email within 24 Hours or 48 hours
  2. Respond their phone calls, if you missed, call back to him/her
  3. Meet their expectation
  4. Don’t be rude
  5. Never annoy them for the payment
  6. Be honest every time

Are you already familiar with these tips?

NO –> You learned some good things

YES –> Apply it in real world

You might have some more tips in your mind, Haven’t you? Ok I think you have. why don’t to share with us. Click here to move to the comment section easily.

Thanks for being here. Visit again 🙂

You learned 5 Practice You Should Follow to Make Your Client Happy

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