5 Best Free E-Commerce WordPress Plugin

Online shopping is growing rapidly, and the demand of E-Commerce platform is rising very fast. Many people rely on wordpress to build their E-Commerce website. With extensive amount of wordpress plugin available, one can easily build feature rich E-commerce website with easily. Today we have listed 10 Free E-Commerce wordpress plugin which is used to build E-Commerce website.

5 Best Free E-Commerce WordPress Plugin

#1. eShop Plugin

eShop Plugin has a variety of feature to build an E-Commerce website. From listing product to customizing the shop now button, eShop has all features that any E-Commerce site needed. This is one of the best Free E-Commerce WordPress Plugin

Free E-Commerce WordPress Plugin

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#2. Woocommerce Plugin

Woocommerce Plugin is another cool E-Commerce plugin which is used by many people. The Plugin is developed by famous wordpress theme developer. It has variety of payment option like Paypal, Cheque, Cash on Delivery and many other options. It also accept credit cards Online

E commerce plugin

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#3. Cart66 Lite

Cart66 Lite is an E-Commerce plugin which is unlikely different from other E-Commerce plugin out there. You can sell Digital as well as physical products from this plugin. You can also place ads on any page with affiliate links.

Cart66 Lite

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#4. Quick Shop Plugin

Quick Shop plugin add sidebar widgets on the website which allows to add or remove any products or service. It supports paypal and Email functionality.



Download the Plugin

#5. YAK shopping cart Plugin

This plugin associate products with weblog entries, hence its very easy to integrate. You can easily categorize the products and configure settings for the shopping cart. It provides custom payment options like cheques, credit cards, paypal and various other payment gateways. You can configure the shipping option based on weight or a flat rate.


Download the Plugin

These are the 5 Best Free E-Commerce WordPress Plugin, from which you can easily build E-Commerce website right from wordpress.

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