3 Easy ways to Convert Raster to Vector

Many time we need to convert Raster to Vector for printing purpose, but at the same time, its not to easy to trace the whole graphics, which will eat up time. Today I am going to show you 3 easy Ways to Convert your Raster to Vector very easily. The first way to convert raster to vector is to use an vector tool which is free called Inkscape.

#1. Using Inkscape Trace image Feature

1.Open Inkscape, download Inkscape if you don’t have. And then Import the Raster image from your Hard disk. I am using one of my logo here.

raster to vector

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2. Now select all the file by going Edit>Select All or by hitting Ctrl+A, then we have to trace the image using Inkscape tracing method. For this go to Path>Trace Bitmap, and use the same setting as in the screenshot.

raster to vector 1

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And now we have converter raster to Vector, you can save the file as SVG by hitting SHIFT+CTRL+S.

#2. Using Online Raster to Vector convertor.

I am always in search of online tool to convert Raster to Vector and at last found a very handy yet powerful tool to convert your Graphics to Vector. VectorMagic is a powerful online tool to convert your raster file. So let us learn how to use VectorMagic.

1. Point your browser to www.vectormagic.com, you can see Upload Image to Trace button, simple click on the button and then you have to upload your Raster Image. I am using another logo from me, which is in Raster image, it will automatically convert the file and you can see the result live.


You can see the result is Pretty nice, now you can download the file in various format such as EPS, SVG and PDF and can also be save in PNG format.

Vector format

Note: VectorMagic ask for registration before converting the file and you will Convert only three Files a day.

#3. Using Adobe Illustrator Live trace

You can use one of the best feature of Adobe illustrator i.e. Live trace  to convert your raster to vector. I don’t want to write the piece of paragraph for this, as crearegroup has already Published a video. Have a look below.

Hope this article will help you to convert your Raster to Vector. Thanks for reading, visit again.


    • Ifham khan
  1. Bryan Shore