18 Awesome Self Photo Manipulation by Sushant Kamble

Sushant Kamble is an Indian based Photo manipulator, although I don’t know him personally. But when I see his recent work on my Facebook feed through my friends activity, I am just like “AAhhhh he is so awesome”. After check his profile I found many interesting Photo manipulation of him self. And finally decided to feature here for inspiration. Enjoy :)

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17 Responses to “18 Awesome Self Photo Manipulation by Sushant Kamble”
  1. Amit Shaw says:

    Man He is just awesome…I would love to add him in my friend list.
    Last one is Fantastic Creative and Awesome……

  2. Arjun says:

    Wuhoo! Just amazing! I can’t really prioritize each picture. All the pictures that you have posted here is cool! Sushant, you rock!

  3. Simply Awesome, Fabulous, Fantastic Creation by Sushant Kamble. Liked every single picture.


    Hahah! I love his work man! It’s not about the skill, but the creative thoughts! Thinking is a thousand times difficult than putting down the thoughts on the screen! Respect!

  5. Enk. says:

    Some great work. Really like some’of’em very much.! (Y) :)

  6. Syed Danial says:

    wow awesome pics. he is really a great artisit and designer

  7. utonsite says:

    wow,,amazing,,, inspired me to learn photoshop

  8. Man he is just mindblowing!!!!!…….i am a biggg fan of him!!! … Shushant Bai ….”we would love to get some tips or tutorials”

  9. Chandra says:

    Super Designs..

  10. Issac James says:

    Awesome Man ……… (y)

  11. Hari krishna says:

    Mind blowing..!!! Super designs.. i’like to edit my photos Great work again..

  12. Kulwant Nagi says:

    Commenting on your blog after 3-4 months I think..

    I could not stop myself for commenting because I am speechless after seeing these awesome creativity..

    SImply Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    Keep putting such great stuff.

  13. Anas says:

    hi sushant,
    you r simply ‘AWESOME’ ??…you r such a inspiration for Graphic designing students like me.i am started to manipulate some pics till found your pics.and love your works very much.if your eyes see this comment please add me on facebook


    i want your tips to improve myself and let be the number one country in creativity delivereres..

  14. Kuldeep says:

    He is just awesome. Amazing photos, He had manipulated them very well. Thanks Ifham for sharing them with us.

  15. Gurwinder says:

    This is freaking awesome stuff man!! This is one of the best photos collection I had ever seen. :)

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