48 Responses to “10 Most Creative logo Design from My Portfolio”
  1. Satish says:

    You have good choice of selecting a nice fonts and colors 😉 its all in it ;)Good collection btw.

  2. Kulwant Nagi says:

    As usual I loved your work and you are improving very fast !!

    all the very best !

  3. Rahul Kashya says:

    ya really you are rock & awesome logo designer :)

  4. Pavan Somu says:

    Simply superb. The creativity is projecting over the logos. Geeky cube is ultimate Irfan.

  5. Ammar Ali says:

    You missed BasicBlogtips? huh? 😉 I like basicblogtips most !!

  6. Pradeep says:

    Brother, from where do you download these fonts?

  7. Nice collection there. WeboGraffiti is also great, you should have included that too. :)

  8. Sanjeev says:

    Nice Work. Can u design one logo for me too but free?

  9. Arbaz Khan says:

    Superb work bro !!!!
    Always loved your work, but where do you get such great fonts ???
    Can you give the name of the font used in “Good Camera” ???

    Thanks bro 😀

    • Ifham khan says:

      Hey Arbaz thanks for the nice comment, the fonts which I used are downloaded from the fonts site and they are actually free. And for good camera I used “Pacifico”.

  10. Guppu Boss says:

    Bro you designing skills are awesome. and i have seen many more creative logos in your posterous portfolio.

  11. Naveen says:

    This seems, you’ve a lot of knowledge about creativity and you’ve created nice logos and displayed here.

    This will attract more clients attention and requests to design logo for their business.

    I wish :) to the same.

  12. really ur skills r awesome.. ur work is full of creativity !!

  13. Amar Ilindra says:

    Digital Camera Forum is cool one and i really liked it

  14. Amit Shaw says:

    Awesome Even Super Awesome Creativity mate. Superb.

  15. Ajay says:

    Really nice designs you have got out there. My favorite is the “Digital Camera” one. Keep up the good work.

  16. Professional logo designing says:

    Really nice collection.

  17. BloggingCage logo is simply amazing. You are very talented.

  18. Amazing Blog !!

    Nice Share of Information

  19. aravind says:

    Hey Ifham, I always like your creativity. Especially when we create a logo creativity is required.Using creativity we can turn a simple one into a masterpiece. And I’m trying to design a new logo with your tips and keeping your logos as an inspiration…

  20. rahul says:

    superb work man
    i hope one day you make a logo for me too

  21. Chiranjeev says:

    Great work Ifham,
    Really these are the superb works from you. NIce work!!

  22. Aniket Banthia says:

    Can you design a logo for me? How much do you charge?

  23. Talha Tayyub says:

    Awesome designs dude may God bless you and give you more success

  24. Vivek R says:

    Great Creative logos,Congrats Ifham. Justretweet and Geeky Cube is my favorite.Good going.

  25. Art Mojo says:

    It seems really good that I visit second time to your blog.Well I appreciate that it is really a good idea for the better information. I would like to read something more on this topic or related topics. Thanks for sharing such useful post with us.

  26. Good Font selection and colors , I will contact you on facebook to get a few details . :)

  27. Brother What amount do you require if I want to place order for my websites logo?

  28. Sachin says:

    Very useful information. Thank you for sharing it.

  29. Rohit Jalmi says:


    I am sure that the informative you shared through your post is useful for people. nice creative logo shared by you. thank you

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